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Goremarket Mid​-​Prices

by Goresoerd

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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Goremarked Mid–Prices (Nailboard Records)

    1. For Idiots All Over The World
    2. Have A Nice Fucking Day
    3. Circle Of Masturbators
    4. Sin You Are
    5. Bitch Hard The Girls Squad
    6. Ghosts From The Toilet
    7. Dämneission
    8. Dig The Romance
    9. Goremarket Mid–Prices
    10. Give Me Some Shit
    11. B.O.M Fuckers
    12. Wretched In Catwalk
    13. Pop Rock Cowboy
    14. Basement Medic
    15. Like Lingerie For Hardworkers
    16. IBM (Interrogated, Brutally Mutilated)
    17. Three Of Us

    Recorded and mixed by Meelis Tauk
    Mastered by Kristo Kotkas
    Design by Anni Helm

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Fanatic heart tormentor True human nature Self destruction fan zone Always kick you back Believe the God in heaven Love your wife forever Collect the things together Pointlessness is all over Got the life, crush the blinders Life is not your enemy Got the knife, kill the desires Routine is your enemy Kill idiots all over the world Kill idiots all over the world Burn them - burn them all!
Welcome to the work We have special things to do Something really mad And something really sad... Come to my office Undress yourself already on door Please sit down to my chair And now you can feel some fucking pain! Have a nice fucking day!
The way you choose With friends of yours Are the things you want? Realize not dream so far In your dark night of shadows Inside the deep black forest Gathers some ugly h. sapiens They look out their arms And together they call Welcome - to the circle of masturbators Welcome - to the club of unholy things Join - the upcoming power Join - the light of sperm
Sin You Are 01:36
When your goddamn husband is drunk You get angry, you get punk When he sleeps and snores so loud Burst some things and leave him alone He is the loser I am the winner He is the loser I am the sinner Sin you are Sin you are You're going out with your friends Some nightclub party on their minds Dressed half naked like first women on Earth And then you will get fucked by ravenous buds
Touch the skin of lubricant Blond faces with grimaces Smell like alcohol and smoke Only night will give me hope Johnny was their only friend Who was not afraid of their trend Everyone must flee away When they "bitch", then you will cry! Bitch hard the girls' squad True evil forces - girls with devil pulse Bitch hard the girls' squad True nature torsos - girls with devil pulse
They come out from the hole They live in the water You will always watch your back You will always watch behind your neck Ghosts from the toilet Souls of excrement Ghosts from the toilet Souls of excrement Turn around when you hear some dripping Turn around when you hear them hissing Run away from the ghosts of the toilet Run away from the ghosts of the toilet
Dämneission 00:55
Eh - bastard you can beat me but not eat me I am the king of the kings and lionmän You can bite me, you can slice me But you can't change my opression I am dämneission I am infallible God and perfection Evil and perversion
It's been hard days, work and death (in every pit I go) I have been diggin' like a dog In all those graves I have been All those coffins I have seen With shovel by my side And my nails in the dirt That's romance for you True & clear like stone plates upon deceased. It's been hard days work & death I've been diggin' like a dog Come another night I'll sneak back to the yard Where crosses lay To share the passion with those Who can't oppose (me) With mad-cows passion to the grass I'll open caskets again & again
Come with me to the Gore Market Gore things in the Gore Sales Alcohol and sex shop wares All the things that you ever need Let's take some flesh and bloody cream Anal books and rubbish bags We can buy what ever we want We can live in this Gore House Goremarket mid-prices - prices what we need Prices what we love - prices all above!
Give me some shit, give me some shit, give me some shit Give me some shit, give me some shit, give me some shit Give me some more!
Rägarokkares - holes in their head Came from the planet Krunkskrunk Came from the nation Drunkskrunk They are evil soldiers Bunch of motherfuckers Krunkskrunk Kingdom yuppies Drunksrunk nation hippies They came to our land To destroy our breed Bunch of motherfuckers They are evil soldiers Bunch of motherfuckers Krunkskrunk Kingdom yuppies Drunksrunk nation hippies
Down South, below Away from riches of the above Lives the family of wretched Who alike are so many? The man whose veins run whiskey A woman whose lust is unsatisfactory They have 2 brats with cyanide & chainsaw Granny has no fingers Nor has grand-daddy the head No fingers nor head! Of common breed they're Like so many Restaurant so fancy They're waiting for the meal Drain serves out the toilet riches Oh look - their happiness The fecal love The fecal love Just look, what a sight Filled now with faces The stench of cloak with 'em Family of wretched having catwalk To hang out with freaks & lowlife of underneath Coiled in decayed sound Deep, deep in the underground
Fuck you my darling Who do you think you are? On that day when I was born I just know that I'm the man Man who deserves everybody's love Man who wants to be the Rock God Man who's picture is on your wall Man who's sperm is on your clothes Pop Rock God Pop Rock Man Pop Rock Cowboy Catch me if you can
In the darkest corner Of the basement where Only rats will fuck One fat and dirty Boy has a surgery room It's one and only place Where his ugly mum can't find him It's one and only place Where he can play Religion and moral will turn upside down in here Spiders and one vagrant dog, they're waiting in line Old desk and candle, meat hook and kitchen knife Perfect tools to cleave threnodic flesh And one lucky morning When this little fuck He find in basement a man Who looks sick and drunk Burning with excitement He draggles the victim To the darkest corner where Only rats will fuck From now on This smelling cunt He's looking for friends To play hide and seek
Panties, panties between ass cheeks Whose feet are unshaved? Look who brought the chainsaw! Back from market, filled with mid-prices To bring the joy To hard workers heart Shopping-cart with tools of his trade Plastic bag with missing limbs Coloured in red substance of those Whom he chose To chop to halves No need to say more None were left to pray Now back in work The beast on top of his game Like artist full of inspiration He sweats & farts To get the masterpiece done To get it done As mission nears to completion Another part is shredded & sewed The foam on the skin Razorblades under it Cracking of bones Juices flow Zombies now Are on the way
Pain in your anus You can realise Needles in skin You can realise Suck - you bastard Be interrogated, brutally mutilated Penis in your ass You can realise Broken bones You can realise Suck twice - you bastard Be brutally mutilated Blood - you bastard can taste Fucking - you bastard can taste Mutilation - you bastard can feel Take some virus to heal
Three of Us 01:24
Mister Jesus, Death & Me Three of us Mr. Jesus butchered - let it stay that way Death as it is & it's here to stay


"This is a short CD, but there's a hell of a lot going on and this is anything but boring." - The Metal Crypt 3.75/5

"The great strength of this album is its variety, a composition which starts as a heavy metal, with simple and melodic riff, ends up as a grind and brutal death hybrid." - Metal Centre 8/10

"Everything on this album reckons about a great dose of humour, something that more often is neglected on the Metal scene...playing simply to have a good time with friends! " - Ancient Ceremonies Magazine 6.5/10


released March 30, 2007

Recorded and mixed by Meelis Tauk
Mastered by Kristo Kotkas
Design by Anni Helm


all rights reserved



Goresoerd Tallinn, Estonia

A project that started out in 2004, Goresoerd has quickly evolved into the spearhead of intelligent, vicious and tongue-in- cheek extreme music in the Estonian scene. Goresoerd’s music can be described as a truly eclectic feast with influences varying from mainstream rock to crust hardcore. ... more

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